Your school interiors reimagined.

Transforming spaces.

The documented influence of surroundings on mood, behaviour, and focus is particularly crucial in learning environments. Our affordable, tailored interior designs can significantly transform spaces, especially through captivating wall art.


Whether it’s an inspiring quote, a subject-specific mural, or revitalizing your school canteen with vibrant wall art, our designs cater to all your needs!

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How it works.

Initial Chat

We have an initial chat to discuss your aspirations for your reimagined space.

Site Survey

One of our creatives accompanies our professional installation team to conduct a survey of your space.

Design Concepts

Our creatives present your design concepts for your consideration.

Final Artwork

Final designs are agreed and signed off.


Your wall art is installed by our professional installation team.

Subject specific wall art.

Transform any space with our captivating subject-specific wall art. From history timelines to periodic tables or world maps, each piece is meticulously crafted and custom-designed to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch for more information.

Shared spaces.

Who said a common room had to be common? Our custom-designed wall art can transform shared spaces such as canteens, pastoral rooms, reception areas, sports halls and more. Get in touch for more information.

Reward and recognition.

Bring your reward and recognition programmes to life with an exciting custom design that makes a lasting impression and celebrates success. Get in touch for more information.

Inspirational quotes.

Feature an inspirational quote on a wall and transform an otherwise blank space! A clever design can help motivate, encourage ambition and capture young imaginations. Get in touch for more information.

Wayfinding and signage.

Finding your way around school can be intimidating, particularly during the transition phase. Whether it’s internal wayfinding, or your external school sign, we can help you make your school accessible.  Get in touch for more information.


We can help you create zones using colour and wall-art. If you’re looking to design specific zones that support your teaching style, or you’d like to explore the use of colour in influencing behaviour, mood or attention span, get in touch for more information.

Interactive wall displays.

We work with specialist partners to supply innovative wall covering materials that, when used imaginatively, can transform a one dimensional wall display into an interactive learning tool. Get in touch for more information.

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