A business founded in friendship and born of a shared passion for design.

Who we are.

Hello. We are Victoria and Amy and we are the co-founders of Brands 4 Schools. We met at university whilst studying for our degrees in graphic design and quickly formed a friendship based on shared values and a nerdy obsession for all things graphic design. Whilst we not ones to blow our own trumpets, it’s worth knowing when it comes to visual communication, we really do know our stuff.

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We both hold first class honours degrees in graphic design and we offer bags of design and communications experience from working within the education sector and beyond. We understand the complexities of effectively communicating and engaging with diverse audiences and are experienced in supporting a school’s performance against the Ofsted framework. You might be surprised at the diversity of the support we can offer. To find out more take a look at our capabilities page or alternatively get in touch for a chat.

Amy Pearman
Director & Co-Founder
07539 425173

Victoria Wiggins
Director & Co-Founder
07711 278672

What we do.

We are a creative agency that provides specialist design and communication services to the education community. Our offering is really diverse and includes anything from websites to wall displays and anything in between – think prospectuses, communication campaigns, transition guides, student support materials, branding and more. 

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Between us we offer over twenty years design and communications experience and have worked extensively in both the private and public sector. We believe it’s the diversity in our experience that enables us to offer compelling, creative solutions, in a strategic way. Visit our capabilities page and find out more about how we could help you!

Creative support.

The creative support we offer broadly falls within the following four categories, for a more comprehensive guide to what we do click here.


  • Creative campaigns
  • Student support materials
  • Learning environment
  • Communication support

Twinings boasts one of the world's oldest unaltered logo in continuous use (234 years)

Book designer William Addison Dwiggins coins the term graphic designer

US dollars was the princely sum that student, Caroline Davidson, earned for designing the Nike swoosh

First ever website is launched - created by 60 year-old British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee

The number of bears in the Toblerone logo - have you seen it?

Our vision.

To be the most passionately referred specialist creative agency, within the education community.

Our values.


You can’t teach passion and we think being passionate about what we do is a privilege. When we say we are passionate, for us it means providing the very best for our clients through meaningful design. We love that our design solutions are often required to engage young minds and we feel particularly honoured that working within the education community affords us the opportunity, no matter how small, to positively influence and engage with young people.


With passion, comes a brave spirit. We know that being brave isn’t always the easy or comfortable choice, but that discomfort often leads to learning and personal growth. So, whether it’s embracing change, challenging the status quo with new ideas, being accountable when things go wrong, or simply doing the right thing, being brave will always be an integral part of who we are.


When we say we’re real, what do we mean? I guess we could spin you a line about being honest (I mean is there even an alternative?) or tell you how we’re going to save the planet, but instead we’ll just say that we’re real. We’re straightforward, we’re approachable (lord knows we love a chat!), we’re fair and we care that our clients trust us and enjoy doing business with us.

Volunteer support.


REIGN is a collective of young survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation. They offer training workshops, presentations and consultancy to any professional or organisation, involved in protecting or supporting children and survivors. We are delighted to be offering our services to REIGN to support them in their mission to strengthen the voices of survivors, dismantle stereotypes, and challenge the status quo.

Child sexual abuse is a crime. Talking about it isn’t. For more information visit: reigncollective.org.uk

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