Northfield Primary School.


Northfield Primary School is situated in South Kirkby, Yorkshire. We refreshed and modernised their school branding including a logo re-design and demonstrated how the new brand might translate through their website and social media channels. We brought their values to life through visual representation. We suggested that consistently embedding them, as well as using them as a basis for reward could reinforce them as part of Northfield’s DNA. Our fun, character-led, punctuality campaign featuring Chico the cuckoo, targeted both parents and pupils. We developed a parent guide aimed at helping parents understand the broader impact of their children arriving late to school, as well offering up some fun facts and innovative tips to getting kids to school on time. The accompanying kid’s pocket-book encouraged children to collect Chico stamps with continued punctuality being rewarded with postcards home and wristbands.

What we did.

  • Rebranding including logo refresh, application demonstration, guidelines
  • Values refresh including design and embedment
  • Prospectus design
  • Animation
  • Punctuality/attendance campaign
  • Social media design
  • Website design & compatibility across devices

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